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3-Day Sale Pricing

SAVE Almost 50% Off Our Regular Pricing!

The rock-bottom price you see below is truly an UNBELIEVABLY low price for the value you’re getting. Don’t pass up on this amazing offer! Even if you’re not ready to get started on your video just yet, you can still pay a deposit to reserve this price. Now you have no excuses to take advantage!

ULTIMATE Custom Video Deal


Max Video Time: up to 2 minutes

Max Revision Rounds: UNLIMITED

Custom Written Scripts: 3

Voiceover: Included

Time frame: 3-5 weeks

Upload to Your Video Account Youtube : Yes

Dailymotion : Yes

Metacafe : Yes

Any Animation Style

Dedicated Project Manager

Voiceovers In Any Accent

No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee

1 Year Warranty


You can pay $899 in full upfront, or 2 payments of $499.50
(1 payment upfront, 1 payment when video is completed)


Our Zero-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee:

We know it’s hard to choose the right company to work with when you’ve never done business before, and have no clue if they’ll deliver on their promises. That’s why we’ve implemented our ZERO-RISK GUARANTEE. If for ANY reason you’re unhappy with how things are going on your video project, simply cancel the project…and we’ll give you a full refund. All that we ask is that you let us know prior to us starting work on the 3rd milestone for your video (there are 4 total milestones).


Our UnHeard-of Lowest Price Guarantee:

We’re all buyers, and we all want to get the most and best, for the lowest cost. And sometimes, with so many options available…we feel like if we just search a little more, we can find an even cheaper and better option. To make it easy on you, we’ve implemented a lowest price guarantee that’s valid even AFTER you’ve already paid. So if by some chance you find a lower price for the same quality and features from the time we start until the time we finish your project…we’ll refund you the difference to match their price!


Our 1 Year Video Warranty

We know that things can change in your business down the road, which may require you make some changes to your video. Why create an all new video from scratch? We implemented a warranty where we’ll make 1 small change to your video for free (within 12 months of creating your video). And if you need to make any big changes, or remodel your video without doing one completely from scratch, we’ll do it for you at a really, really low cost.