MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. See how I earn a living online

  • MLM Vs. Affiliate Marketing

MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

The difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. See how I earn a living online

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  1. samiwistler
    7 years ago

    The opportunity to edit HTML was not always a prerequisite, but it could

  2. samiwistler
    7 years ago

    Great post, loved it, thumbs-up

  3. Lynn Davis
    7 years ago

    Love your information as always. I’m an affiliate marketer too and have
    never really tried MLM before now. I’ve read some positive case studies of
    other SBIers who are doing well (no selling, friends, family etc.) So I’m
    gonna give it a whirl the SBI way and see what happens.

  4. bardoville
    7 years ago

    I like the content in this video… I’ve been interested in MLM and
    affiliate marketing so it’s nice to hear people’s input… I’m happy that
    you didn’t say anything negative about MLM as I actually think that it’s a
    very ethical way of earning money and moving quality products… Thumbs up
    from me:-)

  5. Lee St.Louis
    7 years ago

    great video. both are great ways to make money! Theres people who make
    money in both MLM and Affiliate. Love the video Lisa!

  6. Radu Blaga
    7 years ago

    Hello Lisa I have been watching your video on YouTube for over a year now,
    good videos and good topic. Thank you Radu

  7. filmsforpeace
    7 years ago

    Hello, just getting acquainted with your work, and THANK you! You are the
    first person who has the guts to explain the difference between a true MLM
    and a pyramid scheme. Also, to help me assess what I am uncomfortable with
    in MLM. If you like a product, but don’t want to recruit, is there anything
    wrong with just staying at membership?

  8. Zicologo
    7 years ago

    To put it in few words, a pyramid scheme is just an MLM that has found a
    loophole and is disguised as a legitimate company selling some product. In
    both cases it’s all about recruiting as many as possible and nothing else.
    There’s no selling involved.

  9. PhilipJSherman
    7 years ago

    Take any and all cash gifting systems. I believe I’m correct when I say
    that none of them claim to be a MLM company. In other words, their not a
    direct sales and marketing company. It really would be more appropriate to
    say “direct sales” instead of “MLM”. If one cash gifting program is legal
    their all legal. That would be because of the model itself. Any time you
    have a downline, you have an MLM business structure. Just tryin’ to help
    educate you. We can all use that I think.

  10. mak ...
    7 years ago

    you are good at what you do. but your voice made me sleepy 😀

  11. Abraham Woldeselassie
    7 years ago

    I love your confidence; you are a wealth of knowledge..Good for you girl…

  12. Adrian Hayman
    7 years ago

    Hi Lisa, I’ve tried both but prefer affiliate marketing myself, but it
    probably comes down to personality which is right for you.

  13. Top BizQueen
    7 years ago

    hey Lisa, a great video as always. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jean-Pierre Chalouhi
    7 years ago

    Direct Selling is giving people an opportunity of Self development and
    learn how to become a great in branding and promoting themselves as such,
    not only a business opportunity of extra income and financial freedom.
    Those who think only of the money are the sales-man/women ;o)

  15. Successmate
    7 years ago

    You are the best Lisa. Keep on doing what you are doing!

  16. mrkaen0021
    6 years ago

    hi everybody!does anyone knows something about paydotcom? is it very
    similar to the clikbank??

  17. Carolette Wright
    6 years ago

    I just started with a MLM company that sets up new or renewed contracts
    with cellphone carriers like verizon, t-mobile and sprint. So far it is
    working well and I am liking it. I have never done well in MLM but this
    time i have actually became the #1 seller after 5 days of working. I am
    super excited.

  18. SeoFreeSoftware
    6 years ago

    I never thought of it like you put it and I appreciate your views.

  19. Craig Seaton
    6 years ago

    Great job lisa, love your work

  20. Arja Langdon
    6 years ago

    Just wanted to say great video! I just wanted to clarify what an MLM is. In
    a legal MLM, you will not be paid off of recruitment or the consumer
    signing up for the MLM business. You will only be paid off of product
    sales. If an MLM is paying you from recruitment, that is illegal.