Watch Me As I Make $6,000 Online – Amazon Affiliate Income


Yes, I really did make over $6,000 online as an affiliate in my first try.
The link above is for a training course on how to become a successful
Amazon affiliate marketer. Yes, I personally recommend it.

  • Watch Me As I Make $6,000 Online - Amazon Affiliate Income

Watch Me As I Make $6,000 Online - Amazon Affiliate Income


Yes, I really did make over $6,000 online as an affiliate in my first try.
The link above is for a training course on how to become a successful
Amazon affiliate marketer. Yes, I personally recommend it.

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  1. CareyEve36
    4 years ago

    I’m not donating anything until I start making money online with my amazon
    affiliate website! I’ll start donating generously until I start earning….

    • Portis Howery
      4 years ago

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  2. DimebagVision
    4 years ago

    Baha, I got the e-book and bonuses for free. Seems pretty good so far.

  3. Joseph Smithen
    3 years ago

    i need to teach my to do some thing on line money making to pay bill and be

    • Joseph Smithen
      3 years ago

      it nice but this traffic thing i need to lean tell me how to do it

    • Ebony Elle
      3 years ago

      +Joseph Smithen Click on the link in the ABOUT section and it will take you
      to the website that you can buy the book to learn.. or the videos.

    • Patrick knowling
      3 years ago

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      money online with stocks:
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    • Michael Reyes
      3 years ago

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  4. Power Star Voice
    3 years ago


    • m Nouman
      3 years ago

      Right, but why not one must try to make a website for free using and add an aStore. Does not take anything, so why not to
      try ?

  5. Tom1mk
    3 years ago

    You just go on and on and don’t say anything useful, it’s really tiresome.
    Your just selling that scam book and poor and vulnerable people fall for

  6. inforockstar
    3 years ago

    Dude why do you let these people spam your comments? I always police my
    comments well. I’m not hatin’ I’m just saying I read comments while I
    listed to the video that is playing and all I see is a spam traffic jam!

    • KingHuman
      3 years ago

      +inforockstar I need you guys to help with that and report the spam
      comments. I’m just one guy and I have over 650 videos!!!! Think I can
      police them all? YIKES!!!!Cheers!kh

  7. Sandra Walters
    3 years ago

    Awesome video homeboy!

  8. Marco Franchetti
    3 years ago

    I Ben trying to learn about stocks for a long time can you teach me and
    show me what stocks to invest in long-term I’m what stocks to buy and are
    penny stocks worth it

  9. Aaron Macpherson
    3 years ago

    KingHuman, I have basically killed my life in an accident I suffered 10
    years ago, when I suffered severe head trauma which left me in a coma and
    unconscious fir 14 months and gave me a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) much
    of my memory was lost (mostly the few months before the accident ) , but
    when I woke up tge first though I had was A squared plus B squared = C
    squared (I’ve always been a Math person, my favorite class was when I aced
    Calculus every quater in High School. I still have plenty of knowledge in
    my mind. I really hope I can trust you and learn how to make money binline.
    Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated 

  10. Cheech O
    3 years ago

    ok so how do you start it?

  11. Cheech O
    3 years ago

    Dylan, thank you for you’ve reply, I also have another question about this,
    my sister has a product that she is selling for another company. Would I be
    able to sell that product this way also?

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    • jackson
      3 years ago

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    • Robin Dila
      2 years ago

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    • James Martin
      2 years ago

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  12. Angela G. Zaffino
    3 years ago

    Dear King Human, I love you ! 

    • Angela G. Zaffino
      3 years ago

      Don’t talk money, King H , you know I get all happy LOL , especially cause
      its real talk not some flakey bs.

  13. Alonso Gonzalez
    2 years ago

    King human i cant find the book.

  14. lola rea
    2 years ago

    this guy is fake he used another persons vidoe

  15. Phallusy
    2 years ago

    I did not see you make $6,000, just that you supposedly did.

    • JimiHenbricks
      2 years ago

      +Phallusy Ofcourse you can make money. Ive been searching for over 20 years
      for internet business. I had a website for Amazon and i was an affiliate
      and I didnt make a peny. But I didnt DO it right. You have to get traffic
      and a good landing page. Mine was not. Im going to do it right. Try it

    • Phallusy
      2 years ago

      Yeah, but in this video you cannot, as the title claims, watch him as he
      makes $6,000 online. He just says he did.

    • JimiHenbricks
      2 years ago

      +Phallusy yeah it’s all fake crap. like.00000000001% chance of making a

    • Phallusy
      2 years ago

      You can make a bit of money buying things from charity shops and other
      places then selling them on Amazon and eBay, books are a big one, but it
      does require physical work and time.
      People do make money with affiliate links (Amazon, eBay, other retailers,
      casinos, porn), but yeah you’ve got to know how to do it right (and don’t
      get caught cooke stuffing if you choose to do that – a few big businesses
      Youtube videos with ad revenue – top ten, video games, cooking, unboxing
      (esp. kids toys), something niche, please no pranks – but a there is a lot
      of competition in an overly saturated market, so you might need a unique
      Those are your best hopes to make a bit of cash online.

    2 years ago

    Amazon Commission Rate is 2% lol

  17. Stefanie Nichols
    1 year ago

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    Just Google ++( JAMES MAKE MONEY BLUEPRINT )++